Standing by myself in the shore
Watching waves of water wash down my feet
Rain started to pour gently
Staring at my reflection
Suddenly I felt anxiety within me
Losing something very exceptional for me
Never thought that this would be the biggest part of me
Thinking how would this turn out exactly
This feeling that striped me
Am I in a dream?
I don’t know whats happening to me
Wanting that this would never end
This happiness in me
Turning, spinning and revolving
Clouds suddenly dimmed
The place became empty
I didn’t notice that I was in tears
And started crying
Why am I still here?
Is it because its not yet finished?
Or I still have to do something about it
I never felt happy in my whole life
Until she came to me and loved me
A cold breeze
Wind that is eager to take me
The sun started to rise
As I laid down and sigh
Then I wake up feeling high
It was a dream
A dream that was so real
Wishing that I never woke up